Video Transfer

Preserve Your Memories with a Video Transfer

Your memories are worth preserving, so don’t let time corrupt your VHS tapes. Video Transfer is necessary in keeping your home videos intact! Preserve your old home videos by having us transfer them to a digital format.

Provident Promotions' Video Transfer Process will make sure you can easily view and share your memories on modern devices. We’ll convert formats such as VHS, VHS-C, 8mm/Hi8, MiniDV as well as duplicate DVDs. Your digital files will be compatible with PC or Mac computers, tablets, iPhone, and Android Phones.

From your wedding day, to your child's first Christmas, the memories that you have so carefully captured are important. Not only to you, but to your children and extended family! Take care of those memories and have Provident Promotions transfer them to a format that can be duplicated and stored safely without the worry of losing them! If you are in search of video production or portrait photography to capture memories, check out our services! Or if you are looking to order sports photography from a recent shoot, you can find our order form here!


Enter the number of hours of footage you have to transfer below. Please round up to the nearest hour. There is a minimum 1 hour charge.


This price includes the transfer charge and your footage on one set of USB flash drives. USB flash drives are compatible with PC, Mac, and smart TVs.

Optional Extra Copies

Enter the number of extra copies of your footage you would like below.


This price includes your footage on extra sets of flash drives. USB flash drives are compatible with PC, Mac, and smart TVs.

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