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If you are considering running for office, then you are in need of campaign and marketing materials, one of which is a video or video series. Today’s voters are increasingly turning towards mobile devices for all types of information, including political happenings. They are after a quick and easy way to catch up on all the latest hype, and online video provides that. According to “ThinkWithGoogle”, more than 110 million hours of candidate - and issue related video content has been viewed since April 2015. Voters turn to video ads when deciding who to vote for, so make sure you are the one they are watching! Provident provides all of the content and creative editing necessary for an effective campaign ad. You can be sure that you will be seen!

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Greater Than Summit Initiative
Willis Hunt – Love for the Community
Willis Hunt – For the Youth
Willis Hunt – Economic Development
YMCA – Adams Central After School Program
YMCA – Child Care 2018
Kissinger, Taylor & Trausch for Little Blue NRD
Central Community College – Ag Science
Hastings YMCA – For a Better Us
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